Mosaic inlayed in concrete

Austinites know why we live, work and play here in this beautiful city. There is so much about our town that is special and unique. And yet, when people from other places ask what makes us feel this way, we can be hard pressed to come up with the exact words.

The old adage states, "A picture is worth a thousand words." With this in mind, photographer Julie Dean has set out to create a book that captures the very essence of Austin through the visual presentation of hundreds of images from every neighborhood in the city.

The book includes photos, captions and interesting stories highlighting prominent and hidden treasures throughout the community. It is a celebration of the Outside Art in Austin, and about the artists who create it.

This book has the ability to easily entice tourism to the unique artistic beauty that is Austin. It will serve as a guide to visitors and newcomers while also providing native residents with a historical snapshot and conversation piece. Prominent businesses, side-street cafes and single-family homes will finally share their murals, statues, and eclectic artistic expression in one masterfully created book.